About Phoenix Bright

Based in Saint Louis, MO, Phoenix Bright Consulting was founded in April 2013 to provide independent consulting services for full stack design, development, and deployment experience in a variety of open source web technologies including Node.js, PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Experience includes the deployment and management of web software in either dedicated Unix server environments, managed hosted environments, or in cloud computing environments such as Amazon Web Services. Additional experience includes iOS and Android design and development with Objective C, Java, and React Native.

Steve Wamsley

Owner, manager, and lead developer of Phoenix Bright Consulting, Steve Wamsley, has over 20 years experience with open source web technologies ranging from large corporations to small startups. An avid life hacker, Steve pursues many ambitions from music as a semi-professional violist to martial arts as an active practitioner of Krav Maga.┬áSteve’s ability to adapt quickly to new technology and jump on a project in-progress and immediately provide value has been proven throughout his career as a professional web developer in St. Louis.